Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Optimist Yachting and Kayaking Reflection

Optimist YachtingDSCF1740.JPG

Dear Diary, (Day One)
Today was my first day at optimist yachting and kayaking  and I had  a blast! It was so much fun kayaking, like when we had to fight against the current, we went under the bridge. Yachting was also super fun because it was cool when we got to play the game, “grabbing  the most wooden blocks.” That was super super fun, although we only got four blocks.

Optimist Yachting:
For the first day of Optimist yachting I went in a yacht with Nikitah and we went in a yellow one.  In the yacht,. Nikitah was in charge of the Mainsheet, (that is the rope that controls the sail) I was in charge of the Tiller, (that is the metal pole that controls the yacht  to move around.) Once we got in the water, my heart was pumping hard out because I was so scared of capsizing. I had never EVER gone optimist yachting in my whole life, so I was pretty scared.

But at the end it turned out to be quite fun. While we were coming back to shore, I put my foot in the water and it felt like my foot was in a humongous pond filled with giant blocks of ice cubes. I thought my foot was going to freeze.

Since it was my first  time Kayaking Mrs Hill put me in a Kayak with Ethan because she said he had “The Muscles.”  I said, “OK”.  Once we got out into the water, I started enjoying it because we went under a big bridge while I was trying to fight against the current with all my strength. When we went under the bridge and passed it, it was calm and peaceful.  Then we went under another small bridge and then we joined up,turned around and headed back to shore. It was pretty fun and exciting.

Dear Diary, (Day Two)
Today seemed more fun than yesterday and for me it felt like I improved heaps on yachting   plus it felt easier kayaking and yachting when i feel  like I improved  quite a lot.

Optimist Yachting:
Today at yachting I was already wet because we went kayaking first so the bottom part of me was wet including my bottom only because when we paddle the water splashes on us and to add on that the boys also started to swish water on me and in my head I was like “ Really boys really i’m already soaking” but it was in my head and if I actually say it I would say it in a joking type way.

Today I got to go in a double kayak with Nikitah.J and she sat in the front and I sat in the back but this time it was even harder because the current was like on FIRE! It was so so  strong it took me and Nikitah more than five minutes just to get past the current. At that point it was hard to go past the current but it was fun working together  and trying our best.

Dear Diary, (Day Three)
Today was incredibly  windy so we got three choices, either we got to Yacht ,Kayak or just watch. I chose watching, but also kayaking. Today at Kayaking,  something terrifying happened to me , something I will never EVER forget.

Optimist Yachting:
At Yachting today I was not in one because for me it seemed really windy. The waves were powerful. Plus I am not a very good yachter. But since I was  watching, I got to watch all the yachters and kayakers. The most fun part was when we got to watch some people capsize and stand up on the kayaks while paddling.

At Kayaking today I went in a kayak twice and they were both with Janine but on the second kayak the really bad bad thing happened to me. So the all starts when Janine and I were going to the side shoreAHHH! Janine we are going to crash into that yacht…Screech! Phew! luckily you turned us around so now we are heading to the side shore Yay! Left,Right,left,right ok we are nearly here we just have to turn around…. AHHHHHHH! Janine  we are tilting…… images (10).jpg at that exact moment we capsized and that was when everything blacked out and i started to stop breathing that was the very bad bad thing had happened I was trapped inside the kayak while it was in the water tipped upside down and i was in there trapped not breathing trying to shout help,trying to push the kayak off me with all my power and strength  but it was to heavy and my head was hurting so much from all the weight of the double kayak just coming  straight on to my head. I was in under there for quite a long time trying to get out until I just felt like giving up when Janine saw my hands splashing and thats when she realized that I was trapped under there and thats when she  pulled up the kayak with all her power  and at that point Nikitah saw me and came running and splashing shouting “ OMG Nikita’s Under there and she was trapped!” just when she reached me she pulled me out and dragged me to shore but not in a painful way.
Once I reached shore I sat on a rock and started crying and shivering that was one moment in my life which I will never forget it was like moment in my life where I thought I will die. After  a little cry I went to go and get dressed I was still scared, shocked and sad and while I was going to the changing rooms lots of the kids and adults came to help me but only when I was on shore they did not know that I was trapped until Nikitah pulled me into shore. I was scared but at least I am safe now.

Dear Diary ( Day Four),
Today I only did Kayaking but with a Parent because of what happened yesterday and I was still a bit scared and shocked. But it was a nice and fun day.

Optimist Yachting:
Today was  windy as well as yesterday but  it wasn't really windy. So since what happened to me the day before but at least  I got to watch everyone yacht as well as playing on the playground with Leilani.

At kayaking today I went in a kayak with an adult called Murray (he is a guy) but since I was with a Parent I felt safer and calmer. Once we went out into the water I started to tremble a bit but then I felt normal even though I was with a parent and the current was not that strong I was still very cautious.

Dear Diary (Day Five),
Today  was the last day of Optimist Yachting and I did not go yachting again but I went Kayaking again with a parent.

Optimist Yachting:
When everyone was yachting I got to watch again  while playing on the playground and it was fun and cool how I got to see every fun moment like when someone capsizes for fun or get tipped over.

Today again kayak with a parent and she was a girl and she was so nice. Today was such a low tide that when we went under the bridge  I could see the bottom.

The End .

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fictitious writing


WALT describe a character
I must remember to:  SHOW NOT TELL!
Introduction - who and where
First Paragraph - what she looks like
Second Paragraph - her characteristics
Third Paragraph - her actions
Conclusion - action and observation

Begin your writing here:                      Olaf

As he comes alive by queen Elsa (not knowing he can talk), he wonders what to do as a single and lonely white  snowman  without a nose.   While he strides through the snow he might be lonely but he is still filled with happiness and laughter.  Even though he is a snowman  he always wanted to live in the summer and he even made a small song for it.  

This joyful snowman has now got a bright orange nose, long bumpy brown arms, big black eyes with pitch dark eyebrows.  On his body he has three black rough buttons with tiny cube shaped feet. As  this snowman's  hair, it is very messy  and it looks like a bunch of branches poking out if his head. Olaf’s body can break apart into three pieces and then reattach again.

Olaf is a snowman he loves to sing and dance. When  he dances  he  gets a hat on, finds a stick then starts wiggling and jiggling while feeling the beat.  As a snowman Olaf is very talkative, he talks and talks and talks the finally he finishes talking.

Olaf likes to stride through the snow plus he  talks a lot and I mean a lot. Everyone who knows Olaf knows how he is very  cheerful and excitement.  Olaf likes to waddle like a penguin and sometimes talk fast.



Production Punctuation

Production - Punctuation
WALT: understand and use a range of punctuation, including full stops, capital letters, commas, exclamation marks, question marks and speech marks.

Read the paragraph in box one, then in box two add in the right punctuation.
Hints: Full stops:   capital letters:  commas:  exclamation marks:  question marks:  speech marks:  apostrophes:


the production we are doing this year is called journey through the legends  miss hill wrote the script and we are all acting and singing in it  we are awesome our part in the production is the legend called how maui fished up aotearoa  we have two different mauis hugh and jared  however they are very versatile and they can fill in for the brothers too

The production we are doing this year is called “Journey Through The Legends”. Miss Hill wrote the script and we are all acting and singing in it, we are awesome. Our part in the production is the legend called how Maui fished up Aotearoa. We have two different Maui’s Hugh and Jared, however they are very versatile and they can fill in for the brothers too.

Early finishers: Take a screenshot of both paragraphs, then post to your blog with a few sentences explaining your learning.

Production Diary

WALT: record and share our thoughts. Text type: Diary
Success Criteria
Self assessment
Buddy Assessment
Teacher Assessment
Introduce yourself and your role “Dear Diary...”

Honest thoughts and feelings at the time

Likes and dislikes

Expression / Personality (sounds like you)

Date plus optional title for each entry

Actions from practice and performance

Great examples here: Link

18/08/2014                                                Production Diary
Dear Diary, let me introduce myself. My name is Nikita Narayan and my role in the production is… Singing and Doing the Poi,  So far…  in the production I’m actually enjoying it  but there has been some ups and downs. So anyway, I was sitting next to my bff (Nikitah.J) and we just sang Poi E like  a billion times and  then I heard the words  “Ok that was good but we can try one more time”  and I was totally like so  annoyed I could literally EXPLODE!!!!! We practised it so many times all the way home I sang it and I sang it for a long time at home too.

Since we started practising our production part I had fun  but to be honest I do sometimes get bored singing the songs over and over again ( BORING) then while I sing the song I sometimes get hit by poi.   What I love the most for the production is doing the poi even though I get hurt (badly)  but anyway I try not to say ouch or something like that out loud.  In our whole production part I get two parts to shine it is a bit sad for me but at least I have some part.

Today at production practise it was so so AWESOME! The reason why it was because we went into the hall and all that came out of my mouth were WHOAH! the hall looked amazing it had the stage ready with the seats the background and just wow.  We also had a black wrinkled  curtain for everyone to go in and out. At the top of the stage there was a black and red bright banner that said “ Journey Through The Legends ” it was really standing out but in a good way.

Today at school we did production for the whole day and it was fun . We did the production one by in and we did it in front of a lot  of  people which was a  bit terrifying.
The reason why we did the production for the whole day was only because we could see the production in when the real shows could happen we could only watch a little part of it.  

AHHHHHHHHHH! I just screamed in my head with extreme happiness I am so excited right now my heart is pumping so fast I think it’s going pop out. I felt so nervous I had goose bumps and wobbly legs.  I was  the most nervous and excited right then because we were right next to the stage ready to go when ‘OK you can go now’ I walked on the big stage BOOM! the bright lights came straight on to my face but I just blinked  trying so hard not to say something.

The Well Earned Meal

 Yum I  am eating meat.jpg
The Well Earned Meal
As I sit on the raggedy brown branch, while clutching the bony red meat in my  pointy claws I could dribble by just smelling it  YUM! While I sink my claws into the meat my eye catches a slight movement in the bushes then “I’m running for my  dear life !“ at that point I have a decision should I go and catch a fresh  feast and use  my energy or sit and enjoy a good already caught meal hmmm I know! I will enjoy my one I already caught cause I am very very tired from catching this one., but hey don’t judge me, I just caught this wild beast all by myself so I am very proud.


Optimist Yachting Keywords

Research optimist yachting and find key words and their meanings
Here are some you could find the meaning for, or what these things do
The bow is the front side of the yacht
The stern is the back of the yacht
The port is the left side of the boat
The starboard is the right side of the boat
Tacking is  when you are turning the sail into the wind
The hull is the inside of the boat where you sit in while yachting
Is the flag that is used to make the yacht move forward
The Rudder is the part that goes in the water and makes the yacht turn.
Centre board
The centerboard is used to balance the yacht in the water. When you are going out you have to push it in so your yacht can balance. When you come towards shore you have to pull it out otherwise you will get stuck or the center board will break .
The tiller is the handle on top of the rudder used to move the direction of the boat.
The mainsheet is used to control where the sail goes .
The boom is on the bottom of the sail so when the wind drops down the sail doesn’t just fall.
Spirit pole
The sprit pole is attached to the middle of the mast all the way to the top of the sail
The side pole of the sail that keeps the sail standing up
Buoyancy tanks
Helps keep the yacht float so it doesn't sink. It is filled with air not water cause if it was we will sink